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Need a good VR idea? I'm your man. 

Need a good VR idea? I'm your man. 

Life of Tim

A boy who became a man through the trials and tribulations of a semi-privileged life, Tim was born April 6th 1989 in Minneapolis Minnesota. He weighed something, but at the time of this writing the amount is unknown.

What is known is his life's journy. From the cold of Minnesota to the prep of Connecticut. The waves of San Diego back to the prep of Connecticut, back to the waves of LA, back to Connecticut, down to Austin, and across to the big kahuna, which is more popularly referred to as New York.

And being from New York has offered him opportunities to pursue more than just copywriting. We’re talking improv comedy. We’re talking meditation and spiritual healing. We’re talking filmmaking, acting, production, screenwriting, and side hustles. We’re talking big rent checks, the confidence to start a paragraph with “and”, and the ignorance to end it with an exclamation point!

My main selling point is a cliche: I want to make cool shit for brands. No matter the budget, the client or the partner where there is a will there is a way.